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Video: Diona Liepiņa, acquainted with “X Factor”, releases the song “Nestunda” | X Factor

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Diona Liepiņa won the 1st round of the competition for young performers “Ondo.lv Mūzikai” organized by the “Golden Microphone”, who has released her latest performance – the song “Nestunda” for the funds won in the prize. This is a song with a lot of different symbols and explanations in its words, but everyone can still perceive it differently.

The author of the lyrics and music of the song is Diona herself, who got her inspiration for the song from the poetry Edvīns Raups once read, because without noticing one special line is left in his head:

Musician Diona Liepiņa: from tears in “X Factor” to the debut single

The word “lesson” has become so close to me that I have started using it on a daily basis, for example, if something does not go as planned – it is a personal word and signifies the desire that all the bad ends and does not come back. This song “lives” with me in a very natural way, “says Diona.

There are a lot of emotions in this song, a lot of words dressed in words, which are symbolized by different things. For example, raindrops on the pane symbolize tears and experiences, while butterfly connections tell of a moment when a person is in love, and this feeling is clear, because you feel happy all the time.

“Lesson” is also a message that everything that has been wrong can be perceived as an experience and it is possible to learn from everything, you just need to be aware of it.

“I really like different symbols, I like to create a lasting message, so they are in my songs. For example, the dog in this clip is like a guardian angel who guards me and is always with me. Pink cauliflower is these pink glasses that tend to confuse us, but soon smoke out like smoke in the air, leaving events in the past like blown out candles, but the bench with your feet in the air describes exactly how everything happens “in less than an hour” – everything is up in the air , ”Explains Diona.

The video was directed by Kaspars Dvinskis or Dween after Diona himself, but the song was produced by Lotars Lodziņš and Jānis Kalve.


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