Video: Difference between the braking distance of winter tires for northern and western Europe on asphalt

“My friends and I have such a tradition – once a year to talk about winter tires,” the program reports.Your Car TV“And this year will not be an exception either, because the white season is fast approaching. Of course, there is no reason to worry yet, because, as you know, the mandatory use of winter tires in the territory of Latvia is only starting from December 1.

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Lately, winters have become warmer and warmer, so quite often we drivers have to wear our car tire tread against wet asphalt. That is why the program “Tavs Auto TV” decided to perform a small experiment, in which together with guests Mārtiņš Rubens and Vladislavs Šlēelmilhs compares the braking distance of two different types of winter tires on wet asphalt.

Find out which tires will have a better grip on wet asphalt, find out by watching the “Your Car TV” story!

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