[VIDEO] Complete changes to the New Toyota Fortuner TRD 4×2 Diesel

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Along with the presence of the Innova update, PT Toyota Astra Motoro (TAM) also introduced an update from Fortuner.

This popular Toyota SUV previously launched in Thailand and can now be ordered in Indonesia.

Fortuner gets changes on the exterior and interior. The official price has also increased from the previous model which made the ladder frame SUV sold starting at Rp. 504 million.

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Kompas.com got the opportunity to try briefly New Fortuner TRD 4×2 diesel engine. Some of the interesting features include the latest head unit with the ability to read electronic payment cards and a 360-degree camera to see around the vehicle.

What are the impressions of the latest Fortuner SUV? Check out the following video


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