Video comparison and details of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

A while ago, we had a good batch of new materials for the expected “legendary edition” of the popular sci-fi trilogy Mass Effect. While the PlayStation blog offers several pages detailed text on this topic, IGN delivers straight video compared to the original version of the game, focusing mainly on performance.

Key enhancements to the new edition are:

  • Improved combat – things like accuracy, ADS, more balanced abilities, etc. (ME1)
  • Improved control and functions (eg shields, boost) of the Mako transporter (ME1)
  • Changes in the settings of battles and enemies (Entire trilogy)
  • Significantly faster recording and the ability to skip “famous” elevator rides (Complete trilogy)
  • Modernization and unification of the trilogy – common menu, character creation, incorporated DLC (The whole trilogy)
  • Galaxy at War adjustments, eg removal of multiplayer influence, connection to options in one and two (ME3)

According to this information, the resulting package could look just as great as the excellent Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Given the stronger interconnection of all three games, this will probably be the best way to enjoy the trilogy really together so far: as one big, connected and connected adventure.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be released on Friday, May 14 and can be ordered at Xzone.

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