Video .. Cartoon series predicts the spread of the Corona pandemic from China to Egypt two years ago

As the Pharaohs prepare for a Chinese circus show, China sends a message to the Pharaohs in which to apologize for the presence of the spread of the Corona virus in a pandemic coming to the world, which the Pharaohs dealt with with quarantine inside the temples, natural events taking place in the tenth and eleventh episodes of the series “ Al Farajana ”in its presentation this year, but the irony is that the series was produced in 2017, that is, before the spread of Corona as a global epidemic in this way.

For his part, the director of Punch Mark Animation Lab, the producer of the series Al-Farajna, which is shown on TeN, said in special statements that writing the series in this manner compatible with the current era is a very strange coincidence, especially that the author finished it two years ago, where the author developed a scenario dealing Pharaohs with a virus coming from China, where the pharaoh quarantined all residents other than signing them for detection.

Hammad added: “Each of the episodes of the Egyptian animated series Al-Farajinah will highlight a problem we are currently facing and trying to draw attention to it by mentioning its negative impact on the Pharaohs, and that what Faraj, the hero of the series, would have done to destroy the civilization of the Pharaohs, had it not been for Adel to address it In every episode, to return to the right path at the last moment, let us make a present worthy of your past. ”Pointing out that this is why Faragna became the first 100% Egyptian series of anime to make new heroes, presenting the reality of Egyptian society in an attempt to change for the better, and finally advanced technology has become a service The story, which just transformed the animation industry Boca Raton watching children for entertainment to drama entertaining addresses young people in their own language and discuss issues of concern to all segments of society.

Video .. Cartoon series predicts the spread of the Corona pandemic from China to Egypt two years ago

With regard to the personality of Faraj’s character in the series Al-Farajneh, Hammad said, “You will love it and be confused at the same time. Also, Faraj is a simple and beautiful person, but he must have a fair owner with him, because if there is no fair, she will remain a rag ».

The series Al Farajneh is shown on TeN screen in Ramadan, at Iftar and Return at ten in the evening.

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