Video card prices plummeted: GPUs sold by weight, video

The collapse of the cryptocurrency market and the rising cost of electricity have led to ruining even the largest mining companies. In this context, many video cards (GPUs) used to mine virtual coins were unnecessary – in Vietnam they are even sold by weight.

Video of the day

Relevant video on your Facebook page published a resident of the suburbs of Hanoi named Le Thanh, who indiscreetly calls himself the “king of video cards”. In the shots, he, like a vegetable seller at the market, chases the flies from the GPUs stacked on top of each other right on the ground. (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the video).

A man approaches him and, after a brief conversation, the seller weighs two video cards on the scales and hands them to the buyer, who puts them in a cart and leaves. And although the video itself looks more like a joke, such a spectacular commercial method impressed many commentators.

'' King of video cards '' from Hanoi showed the situation of video cards in the world in a video

Numerous photos of Le Thanh show that most of its products are sold without the original packaging, as they were previously used for cryptocurrency mining. Even the man himself complainedwhich received many offers to deliver such video cards overseas, including Laos, Thailand, Italy, Germany, France, the United States and Pakistan, but few in Vietnam itself wanted to.

Thanh claims on his social media page that he has a lot of used graphics cards, including some flagship models. At the same time, all of them are sold at prices 3-4 times lower than the market.

However, experts advise against buying GPUs that have been used for mining for a long time, at least not for further cryptocurrency mining. Since such activity takes place around the clock, it consumes computer equipment to a large extent: due to permanent overheating, the performance of the video card decreases, and the wear of its chips accelerates.

It is worth noting that the cost of video cards has decreased not only in Vietnam, but around the world. This is influenced by several factors simultaneously: the “crypto winter” in the virtual currency market, the increase in electricity prices in many countries of the world and the refusal of the network of the largest altcoin Ethereum to undermine in favor of less energy. – intensive staking.

OBOZREVATEL previously reported that one of the world’s largest GPU manufacturers Nvidia has stopped selling its products in Russia. The company did not specify why, but the ban is most likely related to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

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