Video .. Basma and Heba cause Hassan Shakoush to collapse on the air

02:43 PM

Thursday 05 March 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

Shakush expressed his sadness during his meeting with the program “Every Day”, which he presented Basma Wahba, because of the rulings that some people make on him without knowing the reality of his difficult circumstances.

The singer of the festivals revealed: “Face time and my material conditions were very difficult, and I am a person who is dear to him, and no matter how I went through conditions and could not have any pounds, but I could not extend my hands to someone, a time when there was no room in my pocket other than the key to our apartment and the card.”

He continued: “Hours did not stay with me except two pounds, so I used to bring milk and rusk, and dined with them.” Opinions varied on social networking sites about the Shakosh meeting between sympathy and attack, after talking about the circumstances he went through before fame.

Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal put their latest songs, “Oud Al-Batal,” on YouTube, before being deleted due to a copyright notice submitted by someone.

“Oud Al-Batal” is the first song of the duo after their crisis with the Syndicate of Musical Professions, after it issued a decision to prevent festivals’ practitioners from practicing their artistic activities, such as parties, weddings, etc.


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