VIDEO: Baiba Sipeniece keeps her promise and jumps on the Daugava

On April 25, the mysterious Planet Mask experienced the unveiling of the TV3 show “Voice Mask”, which performed the lullaby “Sitting on the Threshold Fairy Tale” in the closing evening, which moved the detectives very much.

Under the mask was the voice of the radio “Star FM” and the moderator of the TV3 morning program “900 seconds” Māris Grigalis. The detective Samanta Tīna was accurate in her guess, who made her apt guess just before the unveiling, but Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare questioned it, saying: “If it is Grigalis, then I can jump upright on the Daugava, because I meet Grigalis every morning! If it will be him, then I will really jump! “

At the end of the show, the unveiling of the planet turned out to be unexpected, because a colleague of Detective Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare was really hiding under the mask. When Baiba saw Mari, she shouted loudly: “Grigali, it is not possible! I will never forgive you! Hosts, don’t wait for me at home! ”

Maris was also ashamed to answer Baiba’s statements: “Baibin, I can show you which direction the Daugava is – southwest!”

And now Baiba has found the right direction, as well as fulfilled her promise – the Daugava has jumped!

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