Video at Casino Revealed, Lukas Enembe admitted to gambling while on vacation


A video was exhibited Luca Enembe gambling in casinos located overseas is a new chapter in this case. However, Luke Enembe’s part actually provided an explanation.

On Saturday 24 September 2022, Boyamin Saiman, as coordinator of the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI), said: Luca Enembe has several favorite gaming locations in various countries, some of which are Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Everywhere?

“The gambling places that Lukas Enembe regularly frequents, for example the Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila, Genting Highland automatically in Malaysia and Singapore, are the Crockford Sentosa casinos until I have a photo of them and there are several too, both male and female. already So the followers of Mr. Lukas Enembe abroad, “Boyamin Saiman told detik.comSaturday (24/9/2022).


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Based on a video received by MAKI, Lukas Enembe is seen walking with a woman at Changi Airport in Singapore. Boyamin said Enembe could walk without a wheelchair.

“Lukas Enembe can walk without a wheelchair,” he said.

Also, as seen in the photo, Lukas Enembe is playing at the casino at Genting Highland Casino, Malaysia. In the photo, Lukas Enembe is wearing a gray suit.

The photo shows the time of the accident, which is July 19, 2022, at 01:31 local time. Not only that, Boyamin also said his group had records of the activities of the people who were in Luke Enembe’s circle. Indeed, the manifest of a private plane from Jakarta to Jayapura.

“I have records of this activity from insiders in Papua whose inner circle is Pak Lukas Enembe, including the activities of his people, who just from September 10-15 there was activity with private aircraft from Jakarta to Jayapura, c ‘it was an aerial poster, “he said.

Lukas Enembe’s party will hold a press meeting tomorrow

Lukas Enembe’s attorney, Stepanus Roy Rening, was reluctant to comment much on this subject. He said his party of him will hold a press conference tomorrow.

“Tomorrow there will be a press conference at the local government representative office in the new Q block area of ​​Kebayoran,” Rening said when contacted on Sunday (25/9).

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