Video: Alejandro Fantino cut his hair in Turkey and was encouraged to a dangerous treatment with fire

Alexander Fantino Enjoy your vacation in Turkey. His desire to learn about other traditions made him submit to a dangerous method of cutting his hair.. Then, on her Instagram account, she recounted how the experience was and shared the video of the moment in question.

“I came to a hairdresser in Istanbul and asked him to remove the fluff from my ears. Explain to me why I risk what I don’t know, ”she commented in one of his stories.

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According to what the driver explained, the stylist wanted to tidy up his look and once the retouching was finished, they surprised him with an unusual technique to remove the lint from his ear. “He grabbed a lighter!”recounted the still surprised journalist.

The images show how he reacted to the pain, with shouts like “it’s on fire!” Finally, as a closure of this anecdote, she showed how the new change of clothes turned out on her. look.

Fantino shared the experience (Photo: Instagram / fantinofantino)

A couple of days ago, the driver is located in the Middle East with his wife coni mosqueira. It is a very special trip in which They enjoyed the typical foods, the most recognized museums and the streets of the city.

Alejandro Fantino revealed details of his trip to Turkey with his partner

The driver is in a stage of enjoyment and expresses it whenever he can on social networks. For this reason, he made different posts of the moments that he lived with his wife.

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Very much in love, he explained what he feels when sharing different trips with his wife. “The eyes of those who open themselves to know are part of what they know. Among other things, that is why we came with Conita: to discover and enjoy the history of these cities.. Istanbul, a city populated by Roman and Ottoman spirits, among many others”, he stated in one of the publications.

Alejandro Fantino and his girlfriend in Punta Cana. Photo: (Instagram)

Alejandro Fantino and his girlfriend in Punta Cana. Photo: (Instagram)

On the other hand, he also highlighted the historical value of the Turkish city and thanked for the chance to get to know it: “Each place stops me for hours. It’s time to learn about new cultures and their stories Thanks to the universe for giving me these moments! And thanks to you for allowing me to share it.”

Fantino and Mosqueira They have already left Turkey and are currently in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, from where they will surely share more content with their followers.

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