VIDEO. Ainars Virga about the tragic accident in which his brother died: “I had made a sense of drunkenness. I left yellow after drinking… ”



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It takes courage to ask, but even more courage to answer! In the first show of the talk cycle “Busy” on the channel 360TV reached the audience yesterday, September 9, “On their Wednesdays”, the journalist Armands Tripāns met with a rock musician and guitarist of the group “Līvi” Ainaru Virgu, who openly says – now he is happier than ever in life.

Already at the age of 20, he was named the best guitar virtuoso in Latvia and the entire Soviet Union, but after the first concert in Moscow, he was told: “Sing, but in Russian, and you will be superstars.” the concerts the girls did not run after him. They stood in line and he took the one he liked.

Also, in an interview with Armands, Ainars Virga touched upon the topic of an accident in which the musician tragically lost his brother and whom he still cannot forgive. So he sought peace in alcohol, which, like drugs, he stopped using in one day. However, he admits that although he was not at fault in the accident, because he was clear at the wheel and did not fall asleep, he was at the wheel. The musician also reveals that after his brother’s funeral, he relieved the pain and drank so much that he stayed yellow for a moment. “About 10 days after the funeral, I had made sense,” said Ainars Virga.

He has created music that chews Latvian blood and straightens his back. The popular song “Mother Tongue” was born while learning from Americans. But Ainars is still studying – turning on YouTube and playing concerts with his idols. He can’t shout – he lives like no other and wants to die on stage.

Virga tells of an accident in which her brother died:

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