Video .. A consultant reveals the causes of shingles and the most vulnerable groups

Al-Marsad newspaper: Family medicine consultant Dr. Akram Al-Hazmi revealed the cause of shingles.

The consultant said on Al-Youm program on Al-Ikhbariya channel that shingles occurs due to weak immunity and it is a dormant virus which is active.

Al-Hazmi added that “shingles appears on a specific area of ​​the body in the form of a rash covering the nerve path, and this nerve is affected and causes disease and severe pain, which are based on shingles or chicken pox,” noting that not everyone who has shingles gets it.

He explained that the groups most susceptible to shingles are those over the age of fifty, as the older a person gets, the immunity weakens and people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and 20% of people with heart disease suffer from this disease.

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