Video: 1 suspect in Central Java, these are the symptoms and prevention of monkey pox

A suspect patient monkey pox now under the supervision of the Central Java Provincial Health Office. Governor Ganjar Pranowo said the patient was symptomatic. “We haven’t dared to determine whether it’s monkeypox or not, but we’re still monitoring it,” he said, quoting from BetweenWednesday (3/8).

The number one person in Central Java asked the central government to tighten access to Indonesia to prevent the spread of monkeypox or monkeypox monkeypox. This disease has emerged in several countries, including Singapore.

Previously, similar cases also appeared. A patient symptomatic like monkey pox. After further examination, the result was negative.

As of July 29, 2022, 76 countries have reported cases of monkeypox worldwide. The total number of confirmed cases is 22,485 case globaly.

In ASEAN, there are three countries reporting cases of monkeypox until the end of July 2022. A total of 11 cases in Singapore, two cases in Thailand, and one case in the Philippines.

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