VIDEO ⟩ Neither UN nor Red Cross experts were allowed in Olenivka. Instead, they brought Steven Seagal, propagandists and experts from North Korea – Abroad – News

On the same day, August 9, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Leonid Sluckis, also visited the colony in Olenivka. He said he was accompanied by a “team of objective international experts” from the African country of Nicaragua and North Korea.

“Today, in Olenivka, we have a particularly representative team of objective international experts from several mainly European countries, as well as Nicaragua, North Korea – representatives of almost all continents,” Sluckis announced on his “Telegram” channel.

In addition to representatives from North Korea and Nicaragua, the group also included journalists and analysts from France, Italy, Germany and Serbia, he said. “The international expert group was able to see all the damage and talk to eyewitnesses, including survivors of the missile attack,” Sluckis said.

On May 17, during the plenary session, Leonid Sluckis supported the lifting of the moratorium on the death penalty for “Nazi criminals”. According to him, an exception could be made in the law because they deserve the harshest punishment.

Earlier, the Anti-Corruption Foundation of Alexei Navalny discovered an attic apartment belonging to Slutsk’s wife Lydia Liskova worth about 400 million rubles.

In 2018, the TV channel “Doždj” reported on Sluck’s sexual harassment of several journalists accredited by the parliament. The City Council’s Ethics Committee examined the journalists’ complaint and decided that Sluckis is innocent and that the charges brought against him are unfounded and planned.

Several Russian publications, protesting against Sluck’s actions, announced a boycott and stopped covering his activities in the State Duma. Sluckis has been called a “bunny” on social networks, and according to one journalist, Sluckis called her that while harassing her in the office. Sluckis himself denied all the accusations.

Together with the NTV team, the French author of the fake story about Buča, Andriens Bouquet, also visited Olenivka. NTV presented him as follows: “One of the few foreign journalists who tell the world the truth about what is happening in Donbass is an independent reporter from France. He visited Olenivka and saw with his own eyes what remained of the prison after it was shelled by the US “HIMARS” , and spoke to the captives of the Azov militant group.

Bouquet cited the collapsed roof of the building as evidence of an artillery strike from outside. The fact that the roof could have collapsed if it had been detonated from the inside did not faze him.

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