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In the fun competition for the title of the best traveler for the winner of the previous season and experienced traveler Samanta Tina, the singer Lauris Reiniks, the main keyboard master of the group “Carnival Youth” Roberts Vanags, as well as the lady of society, Instagram personality and entrepreneur Katrīne Sauliete will challenge her.

The quartet will go on their first joint adventure to exotic and sunny Morocco, where they will do their best to surprise their travel companions with dizzying entertainment. And how not – the highest stakes are at stake – two of your travel companions will have the opportunity to continue the adventure and go to another country in another adventure.

Although the interests and wishes of each traveler will be very different, the budget – 2000 euros – all for one, making the race really intriguing. Will it be enough for accommodation, transport and meals? Which of the celebrities will have planned an unforgettable entertainment program, but which will be spent without worrying about whether the money will be enough for the other days of the trip?

The first day of the trip will be managed by Robert Vanags, where unexpected events will start at Marrakesh Airport. Arriving in a country full of sun and summer, Latvian travelers will be surprised by the fact that a large number of Moroccan Europeans consider them to be “walking ATMs.” Proof of this will not have to be sought for a long time – when arriving at the hotel, experienced travelers will “fall” into a rather classic way of “fooling” tourists and fall into the tracks of “suitcase gangs”. Locals will kindly offer to take travelers’ suitcases to the hotel, which is only a few meters away, for a heavy fee. The stakes will rise and a loud conflict will break out, which can only be resolved by paying – not only for carrying suitcases, but also for filming the diligent Moroccans for the show “Four on Suitcases.”

After resolving the first conflict, just like a cold shower, the travel companions will be shocked by the fact that Robert, in an effort to save money, has reserved accommodation for everyone in a common room. “It was the first time we spent the night in one room on one of the trips. I will say frankly, at first the feeling was not cozy “, says Samanta Tīna about the first night home in Morocco. The rest of the day will surprise you with bright and even extreme jokes – celebrities will meet the snakes of Marrakech snakes, visit one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, created by the famous fashion artist Yves Saint Laurent, as well as go to the mythical Moroccan city of Casablanca.

Although Morocco is an African country and the average salary there is very low, the prices that are called for tourists are very different from those for which goods and services are bought by locals. Therefore, it is no wonder that the travelers’ wallet will empty at lightning speed. Especially after the entertainment provided by Katrīne Sauliete, whose friends are proud to take taxis. Will there be enough money for the “main character” of the last day of Morocco’s adventure, Lauris Reinik? Which of the travelers will win this time and earn the title of best traveler?


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