VIDEO⟩ In LIBL game “Ventspils” beats “Liepāja” – Basketball

“Ventspils” beat “Liepāja” by 73:64 (13:12, 23:19, 16:14, 21:19).

It was a fight between two opponents of similar strength, in which the Ventspils team did not go further than ten points, but the guests only took the lead at the beginning of the second quarter – 13:12 – after the exact two-point throw of Roberts Bērziņš.

In the last quarter, however, the majority of housewives fluctuated between five and ten points most of the time.

Artūrs Ausējs was the home scorer with 20 points, seven rebounds and five assists. 19 points for Kemeron Randls, 13 points for Christian Schulz and 11 points and nine balls won under baskets for Christopher Coff. Andrejs Šeļakovs, on the other hand, added ten rebounds under the basket to three points.

Excellent “double-double” in the ranks of the guests – 22 points and 14 rebounds – to which ten provoked violations were added, Ilya Gromov. Guntis Sīpoliņš was missing one rebound until “double-double”, who scored 15 points.

Home residents of Ventspils have started the season convincingly, losing only to the champion “VEF Rīga” (93:96). In the last game, the people of Kurzeme defeated the “Valmiera Glass” / “Vidzeme University College” team with 113:90, but in the first match of the season, thanks to the two-point shots of Māris Gulbs and Artūrs Ausējs, they managed to win the victory over Liepaja.

“Liepāja” has started the new season more modestly, because only two successes were celebrated in five games. The first victory was won against “University of Latvia” (83:82), but in the next duel they managed to win the Valmiera team with 88:86. In the other three games, Liepaja players have lost “VEF Rīga” (63: 104), “Ventspils” and the last match to the opponent “Ogre” (77:94).

Last season, both teams met twice, both celebrating the victory of “Ventspils” – 97:46 and 109: 80.

The leader of the tournament with five successes is “VEF Rīga”, “Ventspils” is the fourth with six successes in six games, but the people of Liepaja with two victories in six matches are in the ninth position.

In another Friday game with 25 points, Kristaps Gluditis became the most productive basketball player of the match, promoting the success of Rakvere “Tarvas” in his field over Tallinn’s “Kalev” / TLU with 82:75 (28:18, 15:24, 19:15, 20:18) .

In 33 minutes and 56 seconds, Smoothis scored six out of ten two-pointers and three out of six three-pointers and four of six free throws on the court. He also has two rebounds, four assists, two interceptions, one error and five provoked notes, as well as the best efficiency in the match 29.

This was the first success of the Rakvere team in five matches of the season, taking 11th place in the competition of 13 teams.

Until December 5, 30 games between Latvian teams are planned. Meanwhile, seven Estonian teams will also play their mini-tournaments.

In the main tournament of the third season of LIBL, 13 teams are planned to play a two-round tournament, after which there will be playoffs – a quarter-final series and a “Final Four” tournament.

13 teams – six Latvian units – “VEF Rīga”, “Ogre”, “Ventspils”, “Valmiera Glass” / “Vidzeme University College”, “University of Latvia” and “Liepāja” will take part in the LIBL championship in the 2020/21 season, as also seven Estonian teams – Tallinn “Kalev” / “Cramo”, Rapla “Avis Utilitas”, “Parnu Sadam”, “University of Tartu”, Rakvere “Tarvas”, Tallinn “Kalev” / TLU and “TalTech”.

In the first Latvian-Estonian joint league tournament in the 2018/2019 season, “Ventspils” won the competition of 15 teams in both the main tournament and the Final 4, but the 2019/2020 season remained unfinished, first place in the main tournament suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic occupying “VEF Rīga”, the second – “Ogrei”, the third – “Kalev” / “Cramo” and the fourth – “Ventspils”.


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