Victorio, who executed his son and wife, could be free after 10 years

He was one of the killers for whom they changed the law so that if they pleaded guilty they wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

The next time a child is shot by their father while sleeping, or a woman is killed by her former partner after being beaten earlier, know that there will be no justice.

Vanya Ministerska, mother of Darina Ministerska, executed with two bullets, and one-year-old Nicole’s grandmother, shot in the head by her father, have drawn the sad conclusion on social networks.

Murderer Viktorio Alexandrov received 30 years in prison for the cold-blooded shootings of his closest relatives.

The verdict of the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) is final, but has not yet been officially announced. According to the law, this must take place after the offender has been taken behind bars, where he has been in this case since the end of October 2018. Therefore, the motives of the judges are not yet clear.

Victorio Alexandrov was one of the murderers whose law was changed in 2019 so they couldn’t escape life imprisonment if they pleaded guilty. The lawsuit against him also started before the Sofia City Court a few days after the amendment went into effect.

With the final ruling of the Supreme Court in practice

the case is closed for the judicial system

The law gives Victorio the right to request early release after serving half of the sentence. Since 30, Victorio has already served 5 years of custody. He still has 25 years to go, but after 10 years he could hypothetically be released if the court decides that he has reformed. It doesn’t matter that he shot his one-year-old daughter in the head while she was hiding in an abandoned building near Sofia from the entire Metropolitan Police, who are looking for him for the murder of the baby’s mother.

The two shootings took place within eight hours on October 29, 2018. Victorio killed Darina for the first time with two bullets in the head, who had told him three days earlier that she wanted to separate due to harassment against her. After shooting her once almost point-blank, he fired a second control shot. The crime was committed in the apartment on “Beli Dunav” street in the “Nadezhda” neighborhood, where the two live.

Before killing her, he knocked her to the ground with his fist

The young woman’s body was discovered around 5 pm by her parents, Vanya and Georgi Ministerski, who, worried that she would not answer their calls, went to the apartment. With the help of a blacksmith, they opened the front door. In the living room, on the floor, was the lifeless body of their only child.

At the same time, Victorio, then 26, was wandering around Sofia with Nicole in her arms.

Along the way, he threatens the taxi driver with a gun, who takes him to a building near the capital. There, shortly after 8 pm, he also shot the girl. He claims he also tried to kill himself, but he was only slightly injured.

In questioning before forensic experts, he blamed everyone else, but not himself. He blamed the dead Darina for wanting to abandon him, his parents and even her mother for misbehaving and beating him as a child.

From prison, Victorio called Darina’s parents on the phone and threatened them

In this case, a preliminary proceeding was initiated at the Sofia District Attorney’s Office.

In court he gave several hours of explanations in which he detailed his version of their life together and did not fail to accuse the young mother of not caring enough for Nicole. At the same time, he denied whispering in her ear that he would drop her off her balcony as she reached out. Something witnesses have been talking about.

“Viktorio Alexandrov is a disharmoniously structured person, with a high level of emotional demands, with a simultaneous low capacity to adequately fulfill them. He is unable to objectify the reasons for his failures on others due to the lack of recognition of his own failure as a person “. This is how the psychiatrists and psychologists who examined him in the course of the case described him. According to their conclusions, the main psychological defense for him was escape from reality and acceptance of the role of victim whose behavior was the fault of others, which allowed him to deny responsibility for his own actions.

His way of coping was through attempts at control.

His main fear was the rejection and catastrophic failure of his life goal of achieving a safe, stable and trouble-free lifestyle.

In addition, he had a low level of maturity

was characterized by superficial and immature emotionality, immaturity of judgments, expansiveness of emotional response, self-centeredness, self-overestimation, inability to learn from one’s negative experiences, recalcitrant correction, leading to difficulties in relationships, and a limited set of strategies effective coping in problem solving.

“He thinks he has the right to receive what he hopes for and feels helpless when circumstances oppose him,” say psychologists and psychiatrists.

“By nature, he is self-centered and offensive, but indifferent to the experiences of others,” they add.

And against the background of these conclusions, the Sofia City Court granted him 20 years, because he was young and could change and fit into society. The Sofia Court of Appeal disagreed and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Now the VKS is giving him a second chance, even though Victorio himself hasn’t even given his son a chance to grow up.

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