Victor Ponta: Orban deserves to commit political suicide! You can only see something so disgusting and nauseous in him – News by sources

The leader of Pro Romania, Victor Ponta, was amazed by the fact that the PNL leader, Ludovic Orban, puts in his political CV the fact that Laura Codruța Kovesi became chief prosecutor of the European Prosecutor’s Office. Ponta considers that “something so disgusting and nauseating can only be seen in Orban”.

“I don’t want to criticize, I got bored of criticizing, I think they did a good thing and it certainly doesn’t work, but they gave an ordinance, you made auctions, you let it work, in my time we were arrested immediately. Another good thing, I hear the Minister of Education that children go to school.

On the economic side. They came from the right nothing, zero barred. The government can still deal with energy prices. I saw that he passed on his political achievements to the fact that he put Kovesi in Brussels. Orban deserves to commit political suicide! You go to Orban where Kovesi made your file. You can only see something so disgusting and nauseating at Orban.

They have no problem there has never been such a dynamic government from a dynamic point of view. The PSD members do not argue with anyone that they are at Vama Veche. ”, Said Victor Ponta, on România TV, during the show“ Punctul de rencontre ”, moderated by Victor Ciutacu.



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