Victor Nikolaev shook Bulgaria with news of the mysterious abduction of a woman crammed into …

The host of the morning block of Nova TV shook the whole of Bulgaria. At the beginning of today, Viktor Nikolaev and his colleague Miroslava Ivanova commented on current topics.

It was while discussing one of the news from the last days that Viktor Nikolaev threw a real bomb.

I was told about a kidnapping. To a woman“, he said.

According to him, she was packed in the trunk of a car and loaded on Vitosha near Sofia.

He scared her and then let her go home on foot“, Added Nikolaev.

He revealed that this information was given to him by an MP “by ear”.

“I don’t have an official confirmation, but that doesn’t stop me from asking if there was such a thing,” Nikolaev said, addressing the law enforcement agency headed by Boyko Rashkov, who wants to be replaced by “Continuing Change” (PP).


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