Victims of Harassment Report Starbucks Employees to the Police


JAKARTA, – Head of Public Relations of the Jakarta Police, Commissioner Yusri Yunus said victims of sexual harassment at the Starbucks Sunter cafe had made a report to the North Jakarta Police Station.

“So the reporter has reported continuously the results of the examination have been held immediately so it was originally posted two of the D and K secured,” Yusri said when confirmed, Friday (07/03/2020).

Based on the report, the police will officially investigate this case.

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Previously, the police called the victim to come to the police station to make a report. The police know the identity and telephone number of the victim because the two employees who committed the sex know the woman.

“They knew the victims so we got the cellphone numbers of the two victims,” ​​Yusri said.

Previously, Starbucks Management had also cracked down on employees who harassed female customers by peering breasts through the CCTV beam.

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PT Sari Coffe Indonesia’s Senior General Manager of Corporate PR and Communications, Andrea Siahaan, said that the employee had now been fired.

“This behavior cannot be tolerated and we ensure that the individual concerned is no longer working with PT Sari Coffee Indonesia,” Andra said in a written statement received by, Thursday (2/7/2020).

To note, the middle of a viral video on social media two Starbucks employees peered at the intimate parts of women through a CCTV camera cafe. The video reaped criticism because it was considered indecent.

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