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Victims give up their virginity to pay for college


Practice of prostitution was revealed in Surabaya. A suspect told about the reason the victim was willing to let go virginity in Yogyakarta.

The suspect arrested with the initials HY (38) is a resident of Yogyakarta. She was secured by the Surabaya Police for Women and Children Protection Unit (PPA), at a hotel in the City of Heroes on Monday (3/5) around 20.30 WIB.

However, before taking action in Surabaya, HY had already offered the victim the initials AW (19) to practice prostitution in Yogyakarta. In fact, at that time the victim was forced to give up her virginity.

HY claimed to know the victim in November 2020. He argued that the victim was willing to let go virginity to a masher because he needs money for tuition fees.

“Yes, you need money again, he said for tuition fees. Continue to be recognized by his friends, if you want like this. Then given time to think, finally chatted again one or two days, as long as privacy is maintained,” said the suspect when released at the Surabaya Police Headquarters, Wednesday (5/5/2021).

Until now, the police have only found one victim. However, the police continued to carry out developments, because it did not rule out the possibility of other victims.

“It does not rule out, there are still people there who have committed criminal acts in the same way as they did, we will try to reveal them,” said Head of Surabaya Police Criminal Investigation Unit AKBP OKi Ahadian.

From practice of prostitution what the suspect did, the police secured several pieces of evidence, namely 1 cellphone, Rp 500 thousand in cash and a hotel bill.

The suspect is threatened with being charged under Article 2 of the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 21 of 2007 on TPPO and / or Article 506 of the Criminal Code and Article 296 of the Criminal Code with a minimum threat of 3 years and a maximum of 15 years in prison.

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