Victim of disambiguation, she was fined € 375

Delegate of the Defender of Rights at the House of Justice and Law in Le Havre, Delphine Méreau tells how she helped Aya, victim of disambiguation.

Misunderstanding of the sample

“Aya and her husband came to my office at the House of Justice and Law in Le Havre. They told me of their incomprehension in the face of the seizure, on their bank account, of a sum of € 375, which would correspond to a fine for crossing a red light in the Paris region for which Aya would be liable. However, Aya does not have a vehicle or even a driving license, lives in Le Havre and has never lived in the Paris region!

Despite her various approaches, Aya did not manage to solve this problem on her own, so she asked for my help in order to assert her rights with regard to the administration.

Appeal to the Defender of Rights

As part of the mission entrusted to me by the Defender of Rights, I studied Aya’s claim and understood that a disambiguation was probably at the origin of this dispute. Indeed, the places of birth and residence indicated on the Treasury situation statement did not match Aya’s identity documents.

To make sure, I then contacted the “fines” treasury to request a verification of the procedural elements and sent a copy of Aya’s residence permit. After verifications, the Fine Treasury invited the user to send her a Rib in order to reimburse her for the amount unduly charged. “

If, like Aya, you have difficulty asserting your rights with an administration or a public service, contact for free
one of the territorial representatives of the Defender of Rights, near you (, section enter).

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