Vicky Nitinegoro says Billy Syahputra hasn’t moved on from Amanda Manopo

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Billy Syahputra Currently, it is widely reported that he is close to Prameswari Memes. The news of the two’s closeness began when Billy was caught alone with Memes in the car. This was expressed by Vicky Prasetyo at the Opera Van Java event (24/3).

Not only that, Memes is also known to often meet Billy and provide food to the late Olga Syahputra’s younger brother. Vicky Nitinegoro, as Billy’s best friend, also admitted that Amanda Manopo’s ex-lover told him that he was close to Memes.

“He told me yesterday that he was filming with Memes. For more, he hasn’t discussed it yet, only when he discussed Memes, smiles,” said Vicky Nitinegoro.

“He rarely tells girls, yesterday when he finished playing futsal he suddenly told me that after shooting with Memes, he continued to make content with him,” he continued.

Although it has been told about Memes to Vicky Nitinegoro, the tattooed man admits that Billy has not told him about his relationship with Memes.

“Nothing, he hasn’t spoken like that yet. He’s just a story about meeting Memes and continuing to create content together,” he replied.

Vicky Nitinegoro also admitted that Billy Sayhputra was the type of person who was very happy with his lover. This was clearly seen because Billy never played with his friends if he had a girlfriend.

“Troublesome, easy yes, if he’s with a girl, he’s bad, but because it’s not there yet, so it’s still not read, he can still play with us, which means there’s still no one,” said the tattooed artist.

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Vicky also confirmed that the relationship between Billy and Amanda Manopo It is over. This was proven by Billy never spending time with Amanda Manopo.

“Already (broke up with Amanda Manopo),” explained Vicky Nitinegoro.

“If he hasn’t finished with Amanda, it is impossible in how many months they will not be together anymore. I also can’t possibly ask ‘You are still not with Amanda, why do you think Amanda is too lazy to ask like that, I’m not in sync yet. “he continued explaining.

Vicky Nitinegoro believes that Billy will not easily open his heart to another woman after breaking up with Amanda Manopo. He also hopes that his friend can find a figure companion good.

“It is impossible (Billy quickly moved on), because if he was dating it was bucin right, so it is impossible, for example, when he broke up, he immediately moved on),” said Vicky Nitinegoro.

“Billy is a good person, so I just hope that he can be a good companion too,” he concluded.

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