Vicenza, arrest of the boy taken by the neck by a policeman confirmed. The young man: “He attacked me”

VICENZA. Denis Jasel Guerra Romero, 21, Cuban, worker, with a clean record until Monday. Then the confusion with the policeman and the stop. In court in Vicenza the judge validated the arrest. This was announced today by the Questore of Vicenza Antonino Messineo who has launched an internal investigation, explaining that action will be taken “on the basis of the numerous testimonies collected and on the videos, not only those on the social networks and friends of the young man, but also from other sources like security cameras “. “None of my men have racist behavior – he underlined – There is the use of force but not of gratuitous violence”.

Denis Jasel Guerra Romero, what do you think?
“The arrest was validated on the basis of the police report. I have briefly explained my reasons but there will be a way to do it in more detail in the next hearing on 18 September “.
Why didn’t you give the documents to the police?
“Because that cop immediately started yanking me and I got on the defensive. I felt attacked and bullied. And so I closed in a hedgehog. I have never had any problems with the police and I always gave my documents when they asked me for them. But something different happened on Monday, which I opposed ”.
What exactly happened?
“I was in piazza Castello with some friends when the police intervened for that fight. One of my friends had new shoes and did nothing but look at them. At that moment one passes by and crushes them, by mistake. I laugh, it was a funny scene. And that policeman thought I was laughing at him. “
Are you sure she wasn’t kidding him? Maybe because of its physicality?
“Absolutely not. We were 20 meters away, we weren’t even aware of his physicality ”.
Was the cop who stopped you with the wrestling hold present in court?
Did you talk to each other?
“No, there was no verbal confrontation. He told his version to the judge and I anticipated mine “.
And now?
“With my lawyer Chiara Bellini (from the Vicenza bar) I decided that we will view all the videos, even those taken by the municipal cameras in via Roma. Then we will make our choices. I reserve the right to act ”.
Why do you want to take action against that cop?
“Because I felt attacked and I wish that things like this never happened to anyone else. I am not angry with him but I do not accept being treated in that way “.
Do you think there is a hint of racism in that agent’s attitude?
“I hope not, just the thought horrifies me.”
The Vicenza police commissioner said that with a little more respect for the institutions, events like these would not happen.
“I think it is correct to respect the work of the policemen and that it is correct to be respected by the policemen”.
You work as a worker in a company in Breganze (Vicenza). Do you think this arrest could harm your work?
“I don’t think so, they know me, they know who I am. I hope not to have consequences ”.
What did your parents tell you?
“They are heartbroken, of course.”
Do you think that what happened on Monday afternoon in Piazza Castello could change it in some way?
“It has already changed me. Now I’m not saying that I’m afraid to leave the house but, in short, I’m a little worried ”.
Have you received messages of solidarity?
“They just gave me back my phone, I saw a lot of videos coming, even from different angles to get more perspectives. It’s nice to hear people close in certain situations ”.

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