Vicente Fernández could have a street named after him in Los Angeles

A little over a month after the death of Vicente Fernandez, the trajectory of The Charro of Huentitan it keeps echoing; now, an initiative in Los Angeles, California, could create the first street in the United States with the name of the Mexican.

The singer and actor, who died on December 12 at the age of 81, could have a street named after him in Boyle Heights, a neighborhood in one of the major cities in the United States.

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Los Angeles Councilman Kevin de León presented the initiative to change the name of Bailey Street to Vicente Fernández, The King of Ranchera.

“Unfortunately, with the council in recess in December, we did not have the opportunity to recognize this cultural icon, whose music and talent impacted generations of Latinos, not only in his homeland of Mexico, but throughout the world,” said the councilman.

When presenting the motion, the politician highlighted the multiple awards he received The Charro of Huentitan and added that “his legacy is not only the music he made… but the memories we were all able to make listening to the music he created and shared with us.”

The street that could change its name is located near La Plaza del Mariachi, in Los Angeles.




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