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Vice President of Abkhazia announces Khajimba’s refusal to participate in elections :: Politics :: RBC


According to Aslan Bartsits, resigned Raul Khadjimba will not run for re-election, but will continue to participate in the political process.

Raul Khadjimba, who has resigned from the post of president of Abkhazia, does not intend to stand for election in the re-election of the head of the republic. It is reported TASS with reference to vice president Aslan Bartsits.

“Raul [Хаджимба] not going to run for election. Raul Dzhumkovich is a citizen of his country, he remains in his country. This does not mean that he will sit back, he will participate in the political process, so that there is order and legality in the country, there will be continuity, ”Bartsits explained.

Calling Khadjimba’s decision to resign “balanced”, the vice-president of Abkhazia noted that after such a “courageous step” it would be “wrong” to go back to power. “Let those politicians come who can really unite our people,” added Bartsits (quote by “Sputnik-Abkhazia”).

Confrontation of power and opposition in Abkhazia

January 12 was is knownthat Khajimba left his post. The parliament of Abkhazia should formally approve the resignation of the president, whose meeting should take place 13th of January.



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