Vice President donates USD 15,000 out of pocket to students in Serbia

Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk has donated USD 15,000 to medical students in Serbia from his own resources. The amount is intended for paying the registration fees and purchasing textbooks for the students. The VP made this donation after he had an introductory meeting with the students via the online platform Zoom (photo).

The conversation was initiated by non-resident Ambassador to Serbia, Gardelito Hew A kee. The ambassador says that there are currently 30 Surinamese medical students studying in Serbia. It concerns 2 groups of which the second group has only started with the 2ecollege year. According to the Ambassador, the students are doing very well. He is now negotiating for the departure of another 15 students.

The government had promised to provide the students with financial support this year, including registration fees and teaching materials. However, due to the precarious financial situation, the government cannot accommodate the students.

Svensen Benny, Dimijee Apai and Siviano Alfons are 3 of the students studying in Serbia and attended the zoom meeting with the VP on behalf of the group. Svensen Benny says he is very proud of himself, especially because he comes from the interior. He says his studies are successful. The study is not taught in English but in Serbian. The students therefore all had to take a language test, which they passed successfully. The beginning was tough, says Siviano Alfons, but they bridged it and have now become established.

Vp Brunswijk is proud of the students who have been abroad for 18 months. He is convinced that all students have a goal and will therefore commit themselves. He would like to see all students return to Suriname after completing their studies and provide their resources to our country.

The minister is pleased with the conversation and emphasized that more of these meetings should follow for evaluation and for possible support from the government. The Vp hopes for good cooperation and understanding with the students. Brunswijk transferred the amount to Serbia on Wednesday 16 September for the benefit of the Surinamese medical students there.

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