Vice City, female character, and South America confirmed

GTA 6 would indeed take place in Vice City and players will also be able to travel to South America. The leak that a female character is playable is also confirmed by an insider who claims to have a reliable source.

Screenshot of GTA 5 – Credit: Rockstar Games

Definitely, GTA 6 been talked about a lot lately. Rockstar Games has yet to reveal the trailer or even the teaser for the next installment of the successful franchise, but we must believe that the leakers are well informed. After the discovery of new weapons in the files for Red Dead Redemption 2, a studio insider recently confirmed that GTA 6 is already in development, but don’t expect a release soon. While he believed this information would allay rumors about Grand Theft Auto VI, it apparently had the opposite effect.

The most noise-making GTA 6 leaks confirmed

Sure Twitter, l’insider « @LegacyKillaHD Who is a popular Youtuber has confirmed several leaks. He did not disclose his source, but did claim that he is someone “in the know” of what Rockstar Games has planned. Thus, the most important rumor that GTA 6 takes place in Vice City is confirmed. It has been over 18 years now, since the release of GTA Vice City, that players have not explored the mythical city of the franchise.

Then, the insider confirmed the rumor of “Project Americas”, the code name given to GTA 6 which already appeared on the web several years ago. Project Americas refers to the map of GTA 6 and it means that players will be able to travel between Vice City and South America, famous for its drug trafficking which therefore perfectly matches the world of Grand Theft Auto.

Finally, a female character will actually be playable, as we announced to you at the start of the week. Players will not decide if they play a female or male character, since both will be part of the story. Of course, the insider who confirmed the leaks has a very good reputation, but it’s still better to take this information in hindsight. Rockstar Games has yet to reveal official information about GTA 6.

Source : ComicBook

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