Vettel hints at unequal treatment at Ferrari: “Aren’t you an idiot?”

Sebastian Vettel had an okay race, but his performance in Portugal was in stark contrast to that of teammate Charles Leclerc. The Monegask qualified fourth and finished fourth, while the German qualified fifteenth and finished tenth. In retrospect, Vettel was satisfied with his race, but the frustrations about his lightning-fast teammate dripped a bit off.

“On the one hand, I am satisfied with my race because I feel like I did a good race. The start was difficult, I lost some places and almost lost control of my Ferrari several times. After that I drove a great race “, Vettel looks back on the Portuguese Grand Prix.

That Leclerc finished fourth was a thorn in the side of the German. “On the other hand, it is abundantly clear that the other Ferrari car is much faster. Where am I losing time? I have been wondering that all year round. An idiot might never find out, but I’m not a complete idiot? I doubt it “, he sounds cryptic.

He continues: “At some point you should be lucky and be able to drive up to the limit, but I hardly ever succeed. If it does, it will be with the greatest effort. On the other side of the garage it sees all much easier “, Vettel hints against the German Sky towards unequal treatment.

If he faces after the race, among other things RacingNews365 once again confronted with the possibly different cars, Vettel is slightly more nuanced. “I just have to assume that we have the same car. I trust the people around me.”

“I have two things I can look at, namely the stopwatch and my feeling. In terms of feeling, I have a hard time doing a good lap and feeling the same grip as Charles, so I’m working on that. Trying with the team. I get the most out of it and hopefully things will go better next week, “said the Ferrari driver.


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