Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon Thick Fashion Designer Touch …


MILANVespa has launched a special Sean Wotherspoon Primavera model. This Vespa is the result of a collaboration between Vespa and street wear designer and world famous fashion icon, Sean Wotherspoon. READ ALSO – Office Savings and TNI, Land Cruiser Once Made in Priok

The distinctive feature of this model is the appearance that comes from Whotherspoon’s own idea, which combines yellow, red, dark green, white and light blue all over the bike. You can also see on the rim of the rim there is the inscription Vespa while the side panel is placed the stacked Primavera writing.

In addition to the colors on the body panels, Wotherspoon also chose special colors for several other parts such as light brown seats, red footwear (similar to shock absorbers), and blue rubber finishing. Completing the look of this model is a chrome finish to the lamp housing, front rack, side mirrors and rear passenger handles. .ALSO READ – The Vespa Matik Season, Suzuki Presents the Volatile 2020 Curator

The mechanical part of this model is still the same as the regular Primavera 150 which uses a four-stroke engine, 155 cc i-GET cylinder, fuel injection and CVT automatic transmission, so it can produce 12.9 hp at 7,750 rpm.
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Rims measuring 12 inches and other features including 200 mm disc brakes at the front, drum brakes at the rear, single channel ABS, one shock absorber at the front and rear, eight liter fuel tank, 790 mm seat height, and Vespa these are already Euro 4 emissions.



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