Very wrong! 3 Habits When Using This Hand Sanitizer Make The Virus Not Dead, Check If You Are Also Doing It!

illustration of the use of hand sanitizer spray

Very wrong! 3 Habits When Wearing Hand Sanitizer This is precisely what makes Virus Can not Die, Check What You Do! – It turns out that our habits during use hand sanitizer wrong.

In fact, this habit can’t even create virus die.

Do you remember, at the beginning of the pandemic, it was not only masks that became scarce, but also hand sanitizer.

It feels like this one thing is a magical object owned and must be carried in order to be free from it virus.

Yes, diligently washing and maintaining hand hygiene is part of the health protocol that the government always promotes, especially during pandemic times to prevent transmission virus corona.

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Well, when you are outside the house, hand sanitizer is one of the items that must be brought in anticipation if it is difficult to find a source of water and soap.

However, it turns out that we have had 3 habits when using it hand sanitizer which is wrong.

Did you do that?

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