‘Very satisfied with the purchases, I bought many things’

María Garay and her daughter Angelina were able to shop in peace at the Atlantic Terminal shopping center in Brooklyn, taking advantage of the Black Friday offers.

Nothing to do with the usual images of queues and crowds of other years on this day of offers.

“Very satisfied with the purchases, I bought many things that I wanted this year,” said Angelina Coloma.

The economy is not good for his mother and although there are special offers, she says very few people have come to buy.

“Other years, well, they used to come in the morning, sometimes even a lot of people slept here in the moles, but this year I haven’t seen it and it seems to me that it’s for the same economic reason,” said María Garay.

According to her, even with the discounts, she’s spending more than in other years.


“We’ve spent $400 so far but we just carry one bag and that’s it,” added Garay.

According to a study on consumer outlook this Christmas by Price Water House Coopers, only 20% of consumers had planned to go shopping this Black Friday.

Additionally, the National Sales Federation expects holiday sales to increase 6 to 8 percent, down from 13 percent last year. This is without taking inflation into account, so the figures may be lower.

Some shoppers think that many people have chosen to stay at home and shop online.

“I think they stayed at home, buying everything on the Internet,” said Aneurys La Cruz.

Even if there are few people, it must be remembered that in a few days it is Cyber ​​​​Monday, when millions of people take advantage of the special offers for online shopping.

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