“Very Cool People” offers a wild video for the New Year’s Eve

The very cool band “Very Cool People” is releasing a new single from their latest album “50 Years of Influence + 30 Years of Cool Equals 13 Years of Music Hooliganism”. This is the final track of the album “Get-Together of Old Chums”, which has also been made into a very dizzying video, which quite colorfully marks the real feeling of New Year’s celebration.

The video for the song “Get-Together of Old Chums” was created by Valdis Krūmiņš, but the screenplay was created by “Very Cool People” musicians Elvijs Grafcovs, Māris Vitkus (he is also the author of the composition) and Laura Rozenberga, allowing many nuances to appear spontaneously during filming. In the clip, trumpet player Oskars Ozoliņš has deeply delved into the image of the “first bracka”, saxophonists Kristaps Lubovs and Māris Jēkabsons became the “second bracka” and a sensitive and eye-catching friend, respectively. Vitkus – for the passionate table speaker, bassist Jānis Olekšs – for the main finder, but drummer Andris Buiķis – for the missing friend. In addition to the group members, the local residents of the specific Kurzeme environment Egīls and Ramona also took part in the clip, who were not only willing to film on the coldest autumn day, but also offered hot tea to the group members.

The indoor shots of the clip were filmed in the morally and visually appropriate Riga café “Leningrad”, which contains a full artifact of Latvia’s variegated history. By the way, the clip also included several stunt tricks with a quad bike, performed by the group’s bassist Jānis Olekšs, but in the end they were found to be too unsuitable for the plot. “I have been riding a quad bike through the plowed fields from my child’s feet, because I have always been fascinated by this motor vehicle,” says Jānis. “I used to even think about it professionally, but playing bass guitar got even better, so I stayed with the music.”

“I wrote the composition in a hotel in Saldus, waiting for the other members of the group to catch me on their way to a concert in Nida, Lithuania,” recalls the author of the song Māris Vitkus. The previous day I was giving a concert in Aizpute, and instead of going to Riga, I decided to stay halfway, because the next day “Very Cool People” also had to drive south to Saldus. At the hotel, I was armed with patience and a computer, which then resulted in a composition dedicated to the New Year celebrations. ”

“There are a lot of songs dedicated to Christmas and family togetherness, but there are very few pieces written specifically for New Year’s Eve and comedy together,” Elvis Grafcov, the band’s engine and steering wheel, addresses the audience with philosophical justification. “So we decided to create a song and video dedicated to this very moment of the year, and we really hope that the new song will become a favorite song in the company of good friends at the New Year celebrations.”

Last but not least, “The members of the group remind us that alcohol abuse has a negative effect, and that all the tricks in the video are performed by professional stuntmen, so you shouldn’t try to imitate everything at home.”


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