Vertex study shows 83% of IT decision makers surveyed are interested in an edge control solution

Independent research study examines the value of a containerized edge control solution

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pennsylvania, Aug. 04, 2022. The study surveyed 400 IT decision makers in the US and Europe who are responsible for purchasing tax software in the retail industry. The goal was to better understand current control technology deployments by IT decision makers and the value they place in moving to a containerized edge control solution.

The survey, conducted by Forrester, found that 83% of IT decision makers are interested in a containerized edge control solution. By combining Edge with containerization for tax matters, the majority of respondents expect significant benefits. 73% of respondents would see reduced reliance on connectivity and bandwidth, a valuable attribute of a containerized edge solution, 80% would value better control over automating updates, and 73% would expect improved scalability.

“As retailers continue to digitally transform, IT professionals are faced with numerous challenges. They need to find the right technology to solve these problems – and that includes control software,” said Vertex Principal Architect Eric Christian. “Current options like on-premises or cloud deployments have specific advantages, but an edge computing and containerization solution offers the best of both worlds. It not only gives you agility, but also stability and control.”

The survey results provide a deeper insight into the significant pros and cons respondents see in their current tax software deployment options – including on premises and in the cloud. They show that those who rely on cloud solutions benefit from more agility and lower costs. However, 50% of IT decision makers said they had security concerns and 42% said internet dependency was holding them back. In fact, 82% of cloud users reported that their control software does not work properly when internet access is interrupted.

Among respondents with on-premises deployments, 68% retain this solution to maintain control over the update process and maintain security. However, these solutions are more time consuming to upgrade, less agile and require legacy systems.

“The Forrester survey results validate our belief that retail organizations need a way to maximize operational efficiencies, improve performance and security, automate all core business processes, and ensure continuous availability and uptime. That’s why we created our Vertex solution Indirect Tax O Series Edge, bringing businesses next-generation tax automation and increased speed while providing consumers with a frictionless experience no matter where or when transactions occur,” said Vertex CEO David DeStefano.

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