Verstappen gets one more major upgrade from Red Bull

Next year, the Formula 1 teams will only be allowed to make minor adjustments to this year’s cars. This to reduce costs after an already heavy (financial) corona year. However, that does not mean that people are sitting still, not at Red Bull, at least. These are precisely now pushing the development of the RB16 to the limit.

The result of this is that with six Grands Prix to go Red Bull will come up with a noteworthy upgrade package for the Red Bull RB16 of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon: “There will be one more upgrade, but before that we want further evaluate the updates we introduced at Nurburgring, as we missed a full Friday of data on that, “the Austrian is quoted as saying by Car, motor and sport.

Marko is of course referring to the first two free practice sessions, normally pre-eminently the training sessions to test new parts, which were eventually canceled by closed.

The upgrade packages that Red Bull introduced earlier during the year paid off. Throughout the season, the Austrian formation, with Max Verstappen in particular, managed to close the gap to Mercedes to just two tenths in qualifying at the Nurburgring, where the gap was around the second at the start of a second.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner previously indicated that large parts of the chassis freeze can work in favor of Red Bull. After all, the big Achilles heel of the team in recent years has always been that Red Bull started lagging behind, because Mercedes got out of the winter better.

What are the consequences of Albon’s drama for his Red Bull future? F1 journalist Ruud Dimmers, racing driver Tom Coronel and host Thomas van Groningen discuss this and more in RacingNews365’s new F1 podcast.


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