Sport Verstapens fastest in the first training sessions; qualifications...

Verstapens fastest in the first training sessions; qualifications are likely to be revoked due to weather conditions


The first formulas (F-1) in the second phase of this season, which is taking place in Austria for the second week in a row on the Spielberg track, the fastest after two training sessions was Max Verstapens no “Red Bull“.

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Last weekend, the first stage of this season took place on the Spielberg track. The fastest turned out that day Valteri Botass (“Mercedes“), but on Friday the first two training sessions of the second stage were celebrated by Verstapen.

The Red Bull pilot traveled 4,318 kilometers in one minute and 3,660 seconds, 0.043 seconds ahead of Botas, and lost 0.217 seconds to Serhio Peress (Racing Point).

Fourth place was won by Lens Strols, a member of Perez’s team, followed by Carlos Sains (“McLaren“) a Lewis Hamilton (“Mercedes”).

Lando Norris (“McLaren”) finished the race in eighth position, but at the time the yellow flag was hoisted on the track, he overtaken the competitor ahead, receiving a three-position penalty and being deprived of two points.

Significantly, the Ferrari pilots Charles Clare and Sabstian Fettel took ninth and 16th place, respectively. Also last week, Vettel did not stand out with high results, while the youngest Lecherer won the second place.

There were also quite a few accidents in the race, but the most impressive of them was performed by Daniel Rikjardo (“Renault”). In the ninth bend of the track, the pilot did not control the car, which soon hit the boundary edge backwards and was thoroughly damaged. Rikjardo himself left the track limping, but after an additional examination, the F-1 doctor stated that the pilot’s health was in good condition.

Another training session and qualification is planned for Saturday, however, there is a high possibility that due to bad weather conditions, the distribution of starting places will be determined according to the results of Friday’s training sessions.

After two stages in Austria, the next stage is expected in Hungary on July 19.

A record number of races were planned for this season (22), but due to the pandemic, the organizers decided to stick to 18 stages.

Last season, Hamilton was crowned world champion, triumphing for the sixth time in his career and for the third time in a row.


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