Version: Hristo Katsarov killed his girlfriend because she canceled the wedding?

Hristo Katsarov

Jealousy or canceled wedding. This may be the reason for the death of Elena Gancheva, who is believed to have been killed by MP candidate Hristo Katsarov. Both versions were launched on the Via Pontica website by friends of the young man.

The Dutch website reports about the deceased Bulgarian woman.

“A deceased woman was found in the house of Emmastraat in The Hague on Thursday night. Police suspect that a 31-year-old woman of Bulgarian nationality died as a result of a crime. The woman was reported missing on Wednesday night, after which the police immediately launched an investigation, “the Dutch website was quoted as saying by Via Pontica.

The Dutch media does not mention a name, but it is about Elena Gancheva, who is believed to have been killed by MP candidate Hristo Katsarov.

The Netherlands issued a European arrest warrant for her 33-year-old friend Katsarov, but he left the country. And although he is from Burgas, he was not found there in his home. The day after the murder, investigators found him in Sofia – Darvenitsa district, but when he tried to arrest him, he committed suicide.

Hristo Katsarov was a parliamentary secretary, later chief of staff to Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova. Extremely intelligent and sharp-witted, his future in politics seemed cloudless.

A month ago, he moved to the Netherlands with Elena, who worked at Europol in The Hague and had lived there for 10 years. According to people close to Hristo Katsarov, he recently proposed marriage to her and she accepted.

As he was 28th on GERB’s list for Burgas, the young man has since returned to the city to run in the elections. Immediately after election day, he flew to The Hague, where he killed Elena for unknown reasons.

Hristo’s friends suggest that she gave up the wedding because she had a 12-year relationship with another man with whom she was dating and separating. Apparently, Elena’s refusal caused Hristo to reach the fatal end.

But the sad event also has a background:

Hristo Katsarov broke up with his ex-girlfriend S., who worked in the office of the Ministry of Tourism, after beating her. He also planned a wedding with S., but told friends that he was breaking up with her because her child from a previous relationship did not accept him.

A colleague of the two told a completely opposite version to Via Pontica: S. complained to her that Hristo did not want her child and she was forced to give it to her parents for upbringing. Domestic violence became known to all their colleagues, followed by separation.

Hristo has known the victim Elena Gancheva for several years, but only recently the spark has ignited between them. Hristo Katsarov shared his happy emotion with one of his closest friends, whom he invited as a godfather. It was he who shared before Via Pontica the sad news of Elena’s death and his suspicions that Hristo was the perpetrator, a day before the news reached Bulgaria.

“Most likely, he did not want to bear this shame and this humiliation to be spread in the media, to be photographed tied up,” explained the criminal Ivan Savov, who took his own life.

“Some feeling of jealousy, of neglect, of damaged self-esteem. The fact that the man has taken his own life shows exactly that – that he has a high self-esteem and most likely something in this direction is related to the first act,” said Savov. .



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