Versailles: he believes that his girlfriend is assaulted and attacks with a saber… a policeman

The perseverance of the investigators ended up paying off. After the attack on one of their own, off duty at the time of the events, the Versailles police went through the profiles of their internal files for weeks before finding the one who had attacked their colleague… armed with ‘a sabre ! The defendant, a 41-year-old man from Versailles, has just been placed under judicial supervision pending his judgment.

It all starts on Tuesday, November 29, around 7 p.m. That evening a police officer is in his personal vehicle when a woman hits his car with her bag while getting off the bus. The tone rises between the two when the spouse of the clumsy emerges brandishing his weapon.

The policeman falls to the ground and receives two blows in the back, with the flat of the sword. He then takes out his service weapon, his armband and declines his quality by showing his professional card. His attackers immediately fled, before he had time to identify them.

He explains that he just wanted to scare

At the police station, Versailles urban security investigators began by capturing images of the scene on video protection cameras. They cross-check them with the criminal history processing file long before finding a match. After verification, the suspect’s mobile phone was limited to less than 200 meters from the place of the attack at the time of the events.

They proceed to his arrest on Wednesday January 18 and search his home. In addition to the saber hidden in the cellar, they find the clothes worn by the individual on the video. In police custody, the 40-year-old explains that he used the saber to defend his wife, whom he thought was the victim of an attack. He didn’t know it was a policeman and wouldn’t have intended to hurt him, just scare him. He will have to explain himself soon before the judicial court of Versailles.

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