Verratti Married After Italy Wins Euro 2020, Becomes PSG’s Reunion Event


Marco Verratti officially married his girlfriend, Jessica Aidi after winning Euro 2020. It becomes a player Italy second to do it after Federico Bernardeschi.

Verratti’s wedding ceremony in Paris last Thursday (15/7), four days after winning Euro 2020 with the Gli Azzurri. This is the midfielder’s second marriage Paris Saint Germain that.

Previously, he was married to Laura Zazzara and had two children, but the relationship foundered about two years ago. The relationship with Aidi began a few months later.

Jessica Aidi and Marco Verratti are officially married. Photo: Daily Mail/KCS Presse/MEGA

This wedding was attended by the family and relatives of the bride and groom, including two children Verratti, Tomasso and Andrea. Based on the photos circulating on social media, Verratti invited several of his colleagues at the club PSG, both those still playing there and those who have moved.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Salvatore Sirigu, Ezequiel Lavezzi, and Javier Pastore were the names of former Les Parisiens players who were also present. Kylian Mbappe also took the time to come.

You could say, this Verratti event is like a reunion of the old PSG generation. Besides Mbappe, the names mentioned above are the initial wave of football stars coming to PSG after being acquired by Qatar Sports Investments in 2011.

Even on his instastory, Ibrahimovic joked that they were ‘the real PSG’. Coincidentally, at that time PSG The status of a new rich club is being coached by Carlo Ancelotti, so a number of players from the Italian League have been brought in to strengthen the team.

This marriage definitely adds to the happiness Verratti after winning the Henry Delauney trophy by beating England in the final on penalties. During the tournament, the 28-year-old made five appearances, including the final at Wembley.

While at PSG, Verratti became a senior figure there, considering that he had joined since 2012 and is still a mainstay until now.




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