Veronika Žilková for the first time in the company of a new partner: But there is a problem, he is married! The first words of the distraught wife

Veronika Žilková and Josef Holomáč for the first time in the company Michaela Feuereislová

September 21, 2022 4:34 pm

Actress Veronika Žilkova (60) just a few days ago she admitted dating again. During the divorce proceedings with her husband Martin Stropnický (65), who broke up with her via email, has met a man with whom she is comfortable. The musician Josef Holomač, former bassist of the Argema band.

Now the actress has decided to take Pepa to the imaginary “lion’s den”, or rather to the media. However, she chose a more intimate event. The film Together, in which the actress plays the lead role of the mother of an autistic boy, is about to premiere in theaters.

She is alive again: Veronika Žilková has a new man. She is dating bass player and founding member of the Argema band

Veronika and Pepa have already arrived for the screening. “We are together, so we went to the movie Together. There is nothing to hide,” Veronika told But only a few minutes later, it became clear that her new relationship had a problem. His new partner Josef Holomáč is married.

The rocker’s wife contacted “Mr. Holomáč is not a friend of Mrs. Žilková, but rather her temporary lover, as he is married and has no intention of divorcing because of her,” wrote Martina Holomáčová of

“Ms. Žilková should also think about her behavior. I am very sorry that her husband broke up with her, but she ends up doing the same thing, destroying a marriage that has worked so far. Although I suspected their relationship some time, I still believed it was just a friendly relationship, “wrote Holomáčová.

Veronika Žilková was shocked by Martin Stropnický at court for alternating treatment. Unexpected divorce declaration

In his own words, he has a coat of shame. “Furthermore, I have not even been informed in advance that Ms. Žilková intends to publish this report in the media. You will surely understand that it was a shock for me to learn such a thing from the media, my friends and my family. It caused me shame. and public humiliation not only in personal life, but also in working life “, added forcefully the wife of Josef Holomač.

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