Veronika Žilková Attends Iron Maiden Concert with Josef Holomač and Family: Just Friends or Something More?

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Veronika Žilková (61) claims that she and Josef Holomač (63) are just good friends, but according to a recent photo from her Instagram, it seems that all Holomačs have already taken her into the family. Veronika, together with Josef, his son and brother, went to the Iron Maiden concert, where everyone dressed up in rock fashion. It was a completely new experience for Veronika, as she told the editors of

The relationship between Veronika Žilková and Josef Holomač started to be speculated sometime in the autumn of last year. Since then, they have become an inseparable pair that sweeps almost every event. However, Veronika still claims that Josef is only a friend and nothing more. “I’m not living a new stage with a new partner. I have a very good friend whom I have known for half a year. And who was labeled a partner,” said Žilková some time ago for Women

Žilková between three Holomačs

But the actress is known to be really happy in the company of her “friend”. She even went with other members of his family to the Iron Maiden concert at the O2 arena. 3x to Holomach. Rocker Pepa, his son Dominik and his more famous brother (lyricist) Karel,” Veronika wrote on her photo Instagram.

Veronika was never very close to rock. She didn’t even know the band in question. When she was little, her family listened to a different genre, namely opera.I enjoyed the concert. My father played in the philharmonic and I grew up listening to classical music. I have never listened to this style of music. It’s amazing that the rock world opened up for me on my old knees… jIt’s much more fun than the world of politicians. This is the joy of the rock world. They are great people… I thought it was just some music, but it’s a lifestyle.. it’s about great joy and freedom. These are things that I have professed all my life, but I have not always had joy and freedom in my life,” Veronika admitted to the editors of “Now I go to a concert where the band members are ten years older than me and I wonder how I could have missed that… it’s amazing.” added to the concert.

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Rock is life

However, he still calls Josef only a friend. I first heard about Iron Maiden a week ago, from my friend Pepa. I heard heavy metal for the first time. He is a friend, because the trials have unfortunately been going on for a year now,” Žilková responded to her current situation.

The former bassist of the band Argema accompanied Veronika at several events. He supported her in the theater, for examplewhere she played in the play I, the dictator. There they looked like a loving couple together. It was no different at the Broadway theater party, where her would-be partner accompanied her again. Together they cut i little dance.

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