Veronika Simonenko’s exhibition “Together with Ukraine”


Veronika Simonenko’s exhibition “Together with Ukraine”

2023-02-10, 11:00
“Lielais dzintars” concert hall, 2nd floor gallery

The Ukrainian people in the pictures are war refugees. Some of the nearly forty thousand who have taken refuge in Latvia since the war started by Russia. Photographer Veronika Simonenkova’s photo series of refugees from the Ukrainian war “Together with Ukraine” was created in ten days at the art station “Dubulti”. They were photographed in a special environment – the space created by the Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn, which last summer turned the art station into a symbolic shelter – “ART = SHELTER”. Every visitor was invited to create, express and add something.

The photographer wanted to show Ukrainians as they are – pensive, excited, sad, because that’s exactly how the refugees of the Ukrainian war are feeling right now. Most of all, Ukrainians liked to take pictures right next to an airbrushed, symbolic image of war / peace, created by a Ukrainian artist.

The exhibition, which can be viewed on the 2nd floor of Liepaja concert hall “Lielais dzintars”, invites you to notice and not remain indifferent, but to support and help the people of Ukraine.

Great Amber in cooperation with the art station “Dubulti”

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