Veronika Arichteva revealed: How does she imagine a family idyll?

Veronika Arichtev doesn’t have to bother so much that the actors can’t perform at the moment, because she’s on maternity leave herself. She has now decided to tell the fans how roughly she imagines the family idyll.

When it’s Veronika Arichteva at the end of September she became a mother, her first offspring was born. But she and her husband Biser have had a family of four since then, because he already has an older son from a previous relationship.

Just this weekend, the actress published on the Instagram profile a joint photo of the two boys, who, according to her, met. How did it go? “Satisfaction on both sides, I would say,” she said.

The new mother is already painting her future pink. She decided to tell the fans on the social network what she plans to do in the future. The question is whether her stepson will be willing to cooperate.

“Luka smiled for the first time and Teo has no idea that one day will come, more like an evening, when he will watch over as a big brother! Over a bottle of good wine, Bisi and I will say how divine the boys are and look at their photos, “said Arichteva.

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