Verónica Linares says goodbye to América Televisión and gets ready to give birth to her second daughter | VIDEO | Shows

Veronica Linares She is about to give birth to her daughter Antonia. For this reason, the journalist has decided to leave the leadership of América Noticias and N Portada.

At the end of the newscast, the host was betrayed by her morning companion, Federico Salazar, who stated that her friend was temporarily withdrawing from the screens.

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“What happens is that Verónica is saying goodbye because she is going to take her leave precisely to wait for Antonia,” he said. “That’s right, today is my last day here in the first edition until later … we hope soon. We are going to see how things go, I only have a couple of weeks to go, ”Linares said.

“I still have a couple of things to accomplish on Canal N during the week and as of 24 (August) I will be off the screens waiting here for this little girl, who has really been very little,” the famous woman continued joking press, about the size of your belly.

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“What nerves! I get nervous as if I were a newcomer, “she said. Veronica Linares. While Rebecca Writes He expressed all the appreciation he feels for his co-worker. “I love you with all my heart, even if you play strong sometimes. You are a warrior and I admire you and love you very much. Look at me so you can cry ”, she said very much in her style.

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Who is Verónica Linares?

Veronica Linares is a well-known Peruvian journalist and television host, graduated from the Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón, who began her career as a 24-hour reporter and Good Morning Peru on Panamericana Televisión.

Currently, Linares is the host of the morning news program América Noticias First Edition together with Federico Salazar and as host of the program N Portada, which is broadcast on Canal N.

Verónica Linares is touched with a photograph of her pregnancy Photo: GLP

Who is Verónica Linares’ husband?

The current husband of Veronica Linares is the lawyer Alfredo Rivera Nieto, who is also the father of the journalist’s first child and the baby that she now carries in her belly.

Verónica Linares and Alfredo Rivera

Verónica Linares shows her belly at six months of pregnancy

Last June, Verónica Linares was six months pregnant and he did not hesitate to share it with all his followers on Instagram.

Through an emotional publication, the América TV journalist announced that her little daughter weighed 1 kg and was already 35 centimeters tall.

Publication of Verónica Linares Photo: Instagram capture

Verónica Linares rules out a third pregnancy: “We have decided to keep two and that’s it”

The journalist Veronica Linares She is experiencing the last stage of her sweet waiting and she said that she is the last baby she thinks to have. In conversations with El Popular, the figure of América Televisión confessed the decision she made with her partner.

Verónica Linares and her husband have decided not to have any more children. Photo: Instagram

“I only have two arms to carry two children, so that is enough, for taste it is already good. It is not within the plans. With my husband we have decided to stay in two and a half ”, he commented.

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