Veronica Inside’s men concerned about Boskamp’s health: ‘High fever’

Wilfred Genee, Johan Derksen and René van der Gijp are seriously concerned about the health of table guest Jan Boskamp, ​​who had to be absent on Monday evening for the second time in a row. Boskamp has a high fever and has had a corona test.

Last Friday, Hans Kraay Jr. took the place of Boskamp at the Veronica Inside table, on Monday Wim Kieft did. “Unfortunately he is not there today”, says Genee at the start of the program. “But we don’t joke about that”, Derksen adds the presenter. “We hope he recovers soon, on behalf of all of us a heartfelt improvement.”

A little later during the broadcast, Van der Gijp came back to Boskamp’s situation. The gentlemen are clearly concerned. “Maybe we should talk about Jan again, Johan”, says Van der Gijp. “You didn’t mention it, but Jan has a high fever …” Derksen clarifies his story. “Jan has symptoms of corona. He has done a test, he will only hear that tomorrow (Tuesday, ed.). He had a high fever tonight. And Jan is in a risk group, he really has to watch out,” said Derksen.

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