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There are different ways to celebrate an important date, in the case of the actress Verónica Bravo, the most feasible way to embrace her first decade of artistic career it is through the search for new professional challenges.

In 2012, Bravo graduated from the Theater School; During the next seven years she dedicated herself to starring in different stagings, but it was until 2019 when her face began to become popular thanks to the sketches of comedy of the channel Youtube, Backdoorfrom which it follows Flour, serie broadcast by Comedy Central, just like the sketches of Backdoor.

Among his most remembered unitaries are that of champions, in which she gives life to a reporter and interviews three Mexican sports figures and Flourwhere she is agent Ramírez, in charge of the orders of the Lieutenant Prieto starring him actor Memo Villegas.

Thanks to this project networks and the popularity that it generated among Internet users opted for a serie titled Flourwhich airs on Comedy Central, just like the sketches of Backdoor.

Now, with the success of that project, Bravo is looking for opportunities on the big screen, as well as in different digital platforms.

“Before coming to Backdoor I hadn’t done anything for the camera professionally, my film career theater had been very rich, I know that I have tools for other genres that I would love to explore in the world cinematic, but so far it has been a tug of war to go looking for where. It is difficult to get out of what people have already located about you, to break that image, ”she said. actress in interview.

Although it is already immersed in different film products, these remain in the comedy genre.

Bravo is not in the least bothered by being located for doing laughOn the contrary, he is honored to know that his work is well received by the public.

That is why he wants to demonstrate his skills and conquer with characters more complex, of different ages and socioeconomic contexts.

“I have as a personal agenda to expand the range, intuitively choosing the projects I want to be in, although I am very grateful for the job that has been given, I am happy and I have met very cool people, I also want to do more things and everything “, said.

Example of new directions, but without moving away from its roots is its participation in the constructions White Rabbit, Red Rabbit; in which he appeared this Wednesday.

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“Just to be able to participate in the constructions you shouldn’t know anything. I find it shocking that it has been staged so many times in so many countries, in so many languages ​​and remains a secret to many,” he said of the theatrical experiment by Iranian author Nassim Soleimanpour.

“I think that the preparation consists of that, thinking that, in this case, it is better not to know anything, if I am going to play with the rules as they are proposed to me, it is better that you do not know anything, it is rather a preparation of letting go and relaxing , which is cool because it’s a bit liberating deep down, “he said.

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