Ventilation system appears to be the cause of a coronavirus outbreak in the Maassluis nursing home

coronavirus is vastgesteld. Opnieuw komen de bewoners in een isolement te zitten.
Het virus blijkt zeker nog niet verdwenen.”>

In the De Tweemaster nursing home, the visiting arrangement was stopped immediately after infection of the coronavirus has been detected in various residents. Residents are once again in isolation. The virus has certainly not disappeared. (image Marcel van den Bergh)


The ventilation system probably played a role in a corona outbreak in a nursing home in Maassluis. This is evident from a confidential RIVM report, in possession of de Volkskrant. Never before has the virus been spread through air circulation as plausible.

The report feeds the ongoing discussion of whether the COVID-19 virus also spreads through the air (aerosols) through small particles. In that case, ventilation can play an important role. An open letter last month urged a group of 239 scientists to take this even more seriously.

Between June 23 and 26, 17 of the 21 residents in the De Tweemaster nursing home department became infected with the COVID-19 virus. Six of them died. Also..

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