Venezuela will produce the Cuban anticovid vaccine Abdala

The government from Venezuela confirmed this Thursday, April 8, 2021 that the Cuban vaccine anticovid Elders, found in time course from proof, will be produced in a state laboratory in Caracas and with whose formula he hopes to achieve mass immunization of the population.

The executive vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, said in a statement on public television VTV that Cuban experts visited the plant of the Socialist Enterprise for the Production of Biological Medicines (Espromed Bio), where they verified the terms for the production from vaccine Abdala.

Rodríguez did not report when Venezuela expects to begin production of the Cuban vaccine or how many dose per month hopes to develop.

But the Minister of Health, Carlos Alvarado, pointed out that the plant, which is managed by the Executive, must suffer some settings before starting vaccine manufacturing.

“These are some actions that we have to take immediately to (…) start the manufacture of vaccines in Venezuela as soon as possible,” he explained.

At the end of last March, the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, said that his country will participate in the third phase from evidence of Cuban vaccine candidates Sovereign 02 Y Abdala, two antidotes with which he hopes to advance mass immunization in the South American country.

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But the National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela (ANM) has warned that the Sovereign 02 and Abdala formulas “are not vaccines” yet, but “experimental products that have only just begun to be evaluated.”

“Venezuela suffers from a serious epidemic of covid-19 and, instead of participating in tests of experimental products with unknown characteristics, it must prioritize bringing into the country vaccines of recognized safety and efficacy, “the ANM said in a statement last March.

In that text, the academics expressed their concern by effectiveness that these drugs could have, since “the results of the phase 1 and 2” of the essays, and therefore it is not known “if the products are capable of inducing in humans a level and quality of antibodies that can confer protection against the virus”.


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