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Last summer, Caracas made an attempt to expel the EU ambassador, but soon changed his mind. In both cases, the Venezuelan authorities declared the EU representative persona non grata due to the expansion of sanctions from Brussels

Jorge Arreas

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Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreasa said that the head of the European Union Delegation in Caracas Isabel Brilante Pedrosa has 72 hours to leave the South American country. It is reported by Reuters… He noted that by the decision of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the Ambassador was handed a note in which she was declared persona non grata.

This decision, as the agency notes, was made after the EU introduced new sanctions against Venezuelan officials.

Monday 22 February EU expanded sanctions against civil servants in Venezuela. It included 19 officials, including the president of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (NIC) Indira Alfonso, vice president of the council Leonardo Morales, head of the Strategic Operations Command of the Armed Forces, Admiral Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, as well as members of the National Assembly and judges. Thus, the sanctions list has expanded to 55 individuals.

Bloomberg learned about US plans to expand sanctions against Venezuela

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In June 2020, the EU has already expanded the list of Venezuelan officials subject to sanctions. Then 11 officials got into it. Against the background of this Maduro stated about the expulsion of Pedrosa, but a few days later Caracas reconsidered his decision. Foreign ministries of Venezuela and the European Union published a joint statement in which the decision of the authorities of the Bolivarian republic to expel the EU ambassador was declared invalid.

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