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#VembraBrasil is moving to Central Street this Saturday (07) with various activities

On the eve of Mother’s Day, Avenida Brasil hosts music shows, circus shows, gymnastics classes, mothers’ tributes, and other free attractions.

Physical activities, musical performances, circus arts and honoring mothers are some of the works of the upcoming edition of the #VempraBrasil project, scheduled for next Saturday (07), on the eve of Mother’s Day, from 7:30 am.

The diverse activities will extend along the entire length of Avenida Brasil, with the aim of making culture, sports, health and entertainment accessible to audiences of all ages, free of charge.

For mothers, a special tribute is paid to mothers, with a violin concert on a tow truck that drives down the street, stopping at strategic points to deliver roses.

sightseeing attractions

The event will begin with a focus on the first block of the trail, where postgraduate physical education teacher Marcus Alemao will present a large class of outdoor gymnastics and aerobics.

Kombi do Bem brings artists from different styles of iguaçu music to free shows. There will also be a circus show with the Troupe Luz da Lua and their jugglers and tricycle artists, who will parade through the streets in different casts. There will also be a Capoeira tour and a library organized by the Cultural Foundation.

Complementary therapist Monique Pedrosa offers free consultations with a focus on clearing biological terrains through bio-balancing, homeopathy and trauma reframing.

Designed by cultural producer Fabricio Cianilo and implemented by a group of established businessmen and merchants on Avenida Brasil with the support of the Foz do Iguaçu City Council, this initiative aims to make culture more accessible to the population and to add value to culture . badly damaged during the epidemic; In addition to promoting local trade activities, especially on one of the most popular routes of the residents of Iguaçu.

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